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Ropes for Off-Shore Oil and Gas Applications

We have built up our reputation as a leading supplier of anchor lines to the offshore industry over the last 20 years. Supplying ropes into virtually every segment of the offshore industry, our range of large diameter anchor line ropes are supported by a wide range of products for related applications such as drilling and riser tensioning lines. Continuous product research and development has placed our offshore ropes at the leading edge of technology.  

The ropes that we supply to the oil industry can be divided into two categories:

  • Ancillary Ropes for offshore use

  • Anchor Lines for offshore application

These ropes are general engineering ropes, suitable for most operations on offshore drilling units  other than anchoring.

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Drill Lines

The string of drill pipes is raised and lowered by means of the drill line. This operation requires a rope construction with maximum resistance to abrasion and crushing on the multi-layered drum. The recommended ropes are 6x19/IWRC EIPS grade, right regular lay, ungalvanised or 6x26/IWRC EEIPS.

The 9 larger outer wires in the 6x19 construction provide resistance to abrasion, while the IWRC enhances crushing resistance as well as contributing towards the rope breaking force. The right hand regular lay reduces the tendency of the rope to build up torque during the operation.

6x26/IWRC UHP ropes with 10 large outer wires have proved a major success in rotary drilling applications.

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Anchor Line for Offshore Drilling Units

Available in 6x36, 6x41, 6x49 and 6x55 Wire Rope, drawn-galvanised or ungalvanised, independent wire rope rope. Its nominal diameters vary between 52mm and 128mm and its available in improved plow steel, extra improved plow steel and extra extra improved plow steel.

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Morring Ropes

Horizontal ropes that stops the vessel from moving. It has to be robost, strong, corrosion-resistant. It is Heavily galvanised and lubricated and doesn't wear, but rather corrodes.

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