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Product Range

Shaft Mining.png

Shaft Mining

Originally established to supply the gold mining industry with ropes for mine hoists, Haggie® mine hoist ropes have been used in the world's deepest shafts for over 75 years. This section contains recommended mine winding ropes for all winder applications.

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Surface Mining

Our vast experience in the supply of ropes to open cast mining operations, enables us to manufacture and wire ropes which provide optimum performance.

Wire ropes face shovels must be able to withstand repeated bending, shock loading and high radial pressures. Rope used on draglines must also offer resistance to abrasion and plastic deformation.


Ropes for Off-Shore Oil & Gas

We supplying ropes to virtually every segment of the offshore industry. Our range of large diameter anchor line ropes are supported by a wide range of products for related applications such as drilling and riser tensioning lines.

Crane Ropes.png

Crane Ropes

The wire rope's strength and fatigue resistance are what determine how much weight the crane can lift. In addition, the rotation resistance of the wire rope helps to prevent the torque generated as the wire rope rotates, from affecting the lift.

Fishing Rope.png

Fishing Ropes

The greater the number of wires in the strand, the greater the bending fatique resistance and flexibility. This, together with corrosion resistance are some of the many important considerations when choosing a quality fishing rope.

General Purpose Ropes.png

General Purpose Ropes

We manufacture rope for Forestry, Lifting, Piling, Lashings, Winches, Stayropes and the strand and wire for aluminium conductor steel-reinforced cable (ACSR).

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