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Surface Mining

Our vast experience in the supply of ropes to open cast mining operations is what enables the company to recommend and supply wire ropes that provide optimum performance. Wire ropes face shovels must be able to withstand repeated bending, shock loading and high radial pressures. Rope used on draglines must also offer resistance to abrasion and plastic deformation.

Our specialized products are supported and distributed by a team of qualified engineers with extensive experience in all aspects of steel and wire ropes for the demanding requirements of surface mining. Our manufacturing facilities and resources, under one management team, combine to produce technically advanced products that are exported to mines and collieries worldwide.

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Drag Line Ropes

For many years we have produced standard 8-strand drag and hoist ropes for the draglines, which performed well under so many variable operating conditions.

In comparison with the 6-strand type, this rope construction is more flexible, has more strand contact points and a slightly bigger core.

This product has proven to be a basis for further developments and innovation over and above the 6-strand rope which has limited application.

The following two rope categories have been tested and carefully monitored. Improvements of up to 30% in rope life have been recorded.

  • 95mm Compact strand cushion-core 1600 MPa.

  • ​95mm Compact strand cushion-core 1800 MPa.

H26 - The Construction


111mm Drag Line Rope developed specifically for Anglo Coal. Developed for improved rope core protection for a longer life span. During development, internal stresses were reduced. It is more crush resistant. By encapsulating the core, the cushion core seals in the lubricant, allowing the core to withstand crushing forces that minimize rope core failure.

Why a compact strand rope is technically superior to a non-compacted rope

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Plastic core

  • Protects and separates the core from the outer strands.

  • Reduces, minimizes and retards the internal destruction process while the rope is in service.

  • Seals in the 'as-manufactured' lubricant.

  • Prevents dirt from entering the core.

  • Dampens shock loading and absorbs vibration on the rope.

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Compact strand design

  • Marked improvement in fatigue resistance.

  • Provides better wear characteristics and abrasive resistance.

  • Minimal contact pressure due to large surface contact area.

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High Tensile grade wires

  • High tensile strength wires for higher breaking force of the rope.

  • Improved and better wear resistance properties.

  • Excellent wire fatigue resistance characteristics without compromising on toughness.

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Shovel Ropes

The 70mm (24.95 kg/m) shovel rope is proudly used by well-known mines such as Kumba Iron Ore, Seriti coal, Anglo American, Foskor and Anglo Platinum.

The 50-64mm shovel rope was born from the D01. It is fully plasticated to keep out the dirt. This reduces inter-strand and interwire wear. It is compact, it has spaces between the strand to allow flow of plastic in extrusion processes. With a very smooth outer surface, there are minimal wear on sheaves and drums. 

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Factors that adversely affect rope life and performance include:

Bending of wire ropes over small diameter sheaves causes kinks and severe abrasion.

Excessive vibration from damaged sheave bearings will result in premature fatigue type wire break-up failures.

Sheaves that do not rotate freely, or the ropes sliding over or striking a stationery piece of equipment or obstruction, results in early wire failure.

Abrasion causes work hardening and surface embrittlement of the outer crown wires of a rope (referred to as “Surface Martensite”).

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