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Expert wire and rope manufacturers

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Continuous improvement

Expertise you can trust

Upgraded equipment

We are world leading specialists in the manufacture of wire and rope solutions for the most demanding applications, delivering assurance through unrivalled experience, onsite services, deliveries and quality.

We have since the late 90’s been involved in the mining industries programme to mine at Ultra deep level , in excess of 3000m, we were the first and still are the only company to provide technically engineered products’ to achieve successful and safe mining practices at that depth.

Our engineering expertise is what differentiates us

In-house designed machinery.

Procedures for selecting and testing raw materials to allow for extra strength.

Extended fatigue performance.

Improved rotational resistance.

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Surface Mining

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Shaft Mining

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Ropes for Offshore Oil and Gas

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Crane Ropes

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Fishing Ropes

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General Purpose Ropes

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